Coming Out of Hibernation

Hi all,


Well, Spring has officially arrived.  That means yard work. Sad smile Not a big fan, but things need to be done.  In the past I have run full ahead for hours and found myself worn out and unwilling to get out and tackle another round until days later.  This year I decided to take an hour to 90 minutes, do what I can and go after it again the next day.  This approach has worked for me in the past for tackling housework and surprise, the yard is showing signs of steady improvement.  At this rate the underbrush and fallen limbs will be history in no time.


At first, it may not seem as if any thing is happening.  Give it a few days and you will be surprised how much you are getting done without feeling burned out on your project.


Enjoy,  Raggedy Anne


Going for the Mat

Hi all,


If you like to decorate for all the little holidays, here is an idea for your table.  You can find a variety of themed dish towels that can be used to set a festive mood at any time of the year.  I have found some cute things at dollar-type stores and find that towels cover a larger area than a regular placemat.  They are easily washed and great for outdoor entertaining in place of higher priced mats you might want to use for special occasions.


If your anything like me, you like to change things up and freshen the look of your table.  If a one gets stained too badly, it can be used for drying hands, dishes or used in the garage or workshop.


towel assttowel coffeetowel eastertowel patrick


Just a few ideas.  There are many, many patterns out there and you can find a price that works for you.  Have fun creating a festive atmosphere for your next meal.


Enjoy,    Raggedy Anne