Gettin’ Saucy

Hi all,


The other night we had boneless pork chops for dinner.  A couple of days later I was wondering how to use the meat for lunch when I spotted a bottle of BBQ sauce in the frig door.  Well I pulled the meat and sauce out, sliced the chops into very thin pieces, tossed them in enough just sauce to coat and put the meat in the microwave for about a minute.  After checking to see if the meat was hot enough I piled it onto large burger buns that had been lightly buttered.  We used a peppery sauce, though some of you might have a favorite type of sauce for pork.  I am planning to try this on leftover chicken breast and beef steak.  We found that dill pickles went well on the pork, but you can experiment with other things like peppers, onions, whatever you have a preference for.  Slaw is a good side, whether you like the creamy or vinegar type.


Enjoy!    Raggedy Anne


On a Roll

Hi all,


Have you ever been in the bathroom and noticed too late that the roll was empty and the spare was under the sink and not reachable?  Sometimes we leave one on the back of the tank and hope it stays put.  I found a large floor model TP holder that is in my master bath.  It holds 4 rolls plus the one in use.  I know that some powder rooms and guest baths are small or under used and you don’t need too many extras available.  I was at the dollar store the other day and found a wire towel holder that was just right for two rolls of TP and brought it home for my guest bath.  It keeps a spare ready for visitors so they don’t need to stand on their head to find extra when the sink is in an awkward location.  As you can see in the pictures any type of counter top holder will work.  There are even some that will work for holidays or your personal style. There are many choices if you take the time too look.


Toilet Paper on Holder on Toilet E2 R DSC06832    Paper%20Towel%20Holder%20on%20Toilet%20E%20R%20DSC06838  Fall Pumpkin Paper Towel Holder    Christmas Tree Paper Towel Holder    Image result for holiday paper towel holders      Image result for Decorative Paper Towel Holders    Image result for Decorative Paper Towel Holders


The first two pics are types of towel holders that I have.  A simple, but effective solution.  For those who don’t want the rolls visible, you can decorate a coffee can that will keep the roll out of sight and closed.  A large decorated oatmeal box will work if you have the regular (small) size rolls.


That’s it for this time.


Enjoy,   Raggedy Anne