Mom’s Little Helper

Hi all,


I was talking with a friend and was told that the children wanted to help with vacuuming, but they were too to small to handle the regular vacuum.  I showed her my little stick vac and demonstrated how light it was.  They are great for small jobs like touch-ups in the kitchen.  There are always crumbs,  You can get them for under 25 dollars.  Mine is by Bissell and looks like a dust buster with a handle, but there are other brands out there.  Well now the little ones can help and not get hurt from a heavy appliance and they feel a sense of accomplishment that they helped mom!


Enjoy!   Raggedy Anne


Fiery Follow-up

Hi all,


Well my toaster tongs arrived and I will say they are worth having. No more crispy fingers in this house.  The tongs I purchased had a magnet in the end and hang on the microwave next to the toaster. You can attach them to the toaster, but may run the risk of hot finger tips if you touch the  toaster side,


I will note that these come in many styles with and without magnets. Whatever your preference I would recommend them highly.

Magnetic Bamboo Toaster Tongs: 100% Natural 8.7” Wood Kitchen Toast Tongs| Eco-Friendly, Space Saving Modern Kitchen Accessory for Home Restaurant | Set of 2                 


Enjoy!      Raggedy Anne

Fiery Fingers

Hi all!


The other day I was, again, trying to juggle hot toast to the plate on the counter.  Well, my fingers got singed and I said not so nice words.  Time to solve this hot topic.  Went online and found a set of toaster tongs that are now on their way to my home.  When I have had a chance to use them I will update you on the good, bad or ugly of the purchase. Meanwhile, try  to keep your cool in the finger department and I will go finish my toast Winking smile.


Enjoy,      Raggedy Anne