On a Roll

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Have you ever been in the bathroom and noticed too late that the roll was empty and the spare was under the sink and not reachable?  Sometimes we leave one on the back of the tank and hope it stays put.  I found a large floor model TP holder that is in my master bath.  It holds 4 rolls plus the one in use.  I know that some powder rooms and guest baths are small or under used and you don’t need too many extras available.  I was at the dollar store the other day and found a wire towel holder that was just right for two rolls of TP and brought it home for my guest bath.  It keeps a spare ready for visitors so they don’t need to stand on their head to find extra when the sink is in an awkward location.  As you can see in the pictures any type of counter top holder will work.  There are even some that will work for holidays or your personal style. There are many choices if you take the time too look.


Toilet Paper on Holder on Toilet E2 R DSC06832    Paper%20Towel%20Holder%20on%20Toilet%20E%20R%20DSC06838  Fall Pumpkin Paper Towel Holder    Christmas Tree Paper Towel Holder    Image result for holiday paper towel holders      Image result for Decorative Paper Towel Holders    Image result for Decorative Paper Towel Holders


The first two pics are types of towel holders that I have.  A simple, but effective solution.  For those who don’t want the rolls visible, you can decorate a coffee can that will keep the roll out of sight and closed.  A large decorated oatmeal box will work if you have the regular (small) size rolls.


That’s it for this time.


Enjoy,   Raggedy Anne


Going for the Mat

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If you like to decorate for all the little holidays, here is an idea for your table.  You can find a variety of themed dish towels that can be used to set a festive mood at any time of the year.  I have found some cute things at dollar-type stores and find that towels cover a larger area than a regular placemat.  They are easily washed and great for outdoor entertaining in place of higher priced mats you might want to use for special occasions.


If your anything like me, you like to change things up and freshen the look of your table.  If a one gets stained too badly, it can be used for drying hands, dishes or used in the garage or workshop.


towel assttowel coffeetowel eastertowel patrick


Just a few ideas.  There are many, many patterns out there and you can find a price that works for you.  Have fun creating a festive atmosphere for your next meal.


Enjoy,    Raggedy Anne



A Touch of Class

I was looking to add just a touch of something to the bare walls in our Master Bath. I found some floral prints online a while back that struck my fancy, so after deciding what to crop off so they fit into my vision I went looking for frames. Really didn’t want to spend a lot, so I found some frames that complimented the style nicely, cropped and printed the pictures. Following are some of the steps that went into this project.

clip_image002_thumb (2)This is the original print.     clip_image004_thumb (3)This is cropped version used.

clip_image006_thumb (1)      clip_image008_thumb (1)     clip_image010_thumb (1)

I used some large brown paper and laid out the arrangement, traced around the frames and measured for the location of the frame hanger. Then  taped the paper template to the wall, using a level, used a pin to mark where the nails went and ta-da!!  No un-necessary holes or second guessing.  A tip, use painters tape, it holds and comes off cleanly.

The frames came with a mat and had just a touch of antique gold around the inside of the frame that compliments the coloring in the prints.

For a little work and not too much money you can take a plain wall and add a personal touch that makes the room.

Enjoy!  Raggedy-Ann_thumb

Facelift For Spring

Well it’s Spring and the means a fresh, new look is on the horizon. With that in mind here are a few pictures to show how changing hardware on a piece of furniture and really change the look.

I recently got a sideboard for my dining room, but was not in love with the door knobs. So here is what

I did. The metal knobs now match the hinge color and turning the point up gives the piece a little more pizazz!

clip_image002_thumb (3)        clip_image004_thumb (4)

clip_image006_thumb (2)       clip_image008_thumb (2)

clip_image010_thumb (2)

It doesn’t take much to get a fresh look for your décor.  A small change can make a big difference.

Enjoy!!     Raggedy-Ann_thumb

Prints vs Solids

For the longest time I was of the impression that a neutral solid color for curtains and drapes would make a room look bigger. To be honest, I was also a bit timid to try very colorful prints. Tone-on-tone was a step on the wild side for me. My rooms looked nice, but a bit dull.  I’m not ready to paint my walls in bold bright colors.  This years in look may be passé next year.  Adding color to the room with material and accessories allows you to change the look and feel of the room with easily changed items.  I know an area rug is a big item, but it is something that could find a home in a different part of the house should you want to try another look. 

Recently I found a website that sells fabric and decided to try something different.

Look at how a little pop of color can change the appearance of a room. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with patterns, but by adding some interest to break-up a monotone room, you can create a happy, warm surrounding.


clip_image002_thumb1 (1)          Print-room.jpg


www.fabric.com has a very good selection and also carries yarn, tools, notions, and patterns, as well as sewing machines. They have a good ship and return policy. If you sew or craft, take a minute to check them out.

If you would prefer to get an idea how things could look before diving in Better Homes and Gardens has a tool that lets you mix and match color and pattern for rooms in your home as well as working on the curb appeal of your house.  They also let you plan a deck, garden and a lot of other fun, helpful ideas. You can find the tool link at the bottom of the Home Page, www.bhg.com, under the Better Homes and Gardens column.

Have fun livening up your spaces.    Raggedy-Ann_thumb